Project Experience: Design Engineering


The consultant team at Arch Engineers have been very busy delivering high-quality design engineering, drafting and consulting services to a variety of industries – civil, residential, construction, mining, energy and oil & gas.

Crane assisted bridge launch

crane assisted bridge launch - arch engineers

Bridge launch | Northern Saskatchewan

Arch responded to an urgent request for engineering assistance on a bridge launch project in Northern Saskatchewan.

After review of the bridge design details, Arch designed a “push beam” for the excavator and a simple system of hillman rollers and cribbing to slide 4-girder lines across the creek in winter conditions.

The crane was available for assisting the launch, which removed the need for counterweight on the bridge – allowing for a faster launch.

Crane assisted bridge de-launch

crane assisted bridge de-launch - arch engineers

Bridge de-launch | Remote British Columbia 

As part of a BC pipeline project, these decommissioned bridges needed to be removed – Arch was selected to design the removal methodology.

With the crane and excavators already in the area, this simple counterweighted de-launch was designed. The crane assists two excavators to pull the bridge across the abutment and onto the excavated embankment.

Ingenious solutions were provided to optimize the sliding of the bottom flanges on the retained bearing points.

Cast-in-place concrete wingwalls and abutment

Cast in place wingwalls and abutments - arch engineersCast-in-place concrete wingwalls and abutment – Yukon Territories

Basing a design on a similar project, Arch included value engineering (lessons learned) from other projects to deliver this engineering formwork and drafting solution to the general contractor in less than 4 days.

Design requirements included using the formwork specs provided by the general contractor, and solving for the issues specific to this site’s challenges.


Steel substructure for pedestrian / recreational bridge

Appropriate steel supports for pedestrian bridge - arch engineers

Recreational bridge substructure design & details – Alberta

As part of a complicated Joint Venture between a Designer, Fabricator, and General Contractor, Arch supplied engineering and drafting services to this complicated project.

This structure required being designed to be connected on top of an existing 100-year old decommissioned railway bridge.

Adequate assessment of the existing structure included metallurgical coupon testing, and high-definition drone survey, before designing a structure to meet AT and CSA codes. Welding methodologies and constructability were key to the success of the project.

Very tight timelines were met in order to achieve the manufacturing and fabrication schedule, with several just-in-time drawing packages made available to the workshops involved.


Truss Bridge Pipe Rack

truss bridge pipe rack - arch engineersGas Pipeline Crossing Truss Bridge – British Columbia

This Design-Build project included construction methodology, crane lift planning, engineered lift plans, truss bridge design, bearing designs, pipe connections, bearing design, as well as interfacing with the fabrication shop for delivery of native .dxf shop drawing files.

Working closely with the owner regarding two uncertified piers used for previous crossings, the new design required significant upgrades to the two main abutments, elevations and sag support for the (much) larger diameter pipe being installed.

 The ultimate goal was to make this installation as cheap as possible for the Owner, simple for the fabricator, easy for the construction contractor, and feasible for the pipe installer – managing multiple stakeholders, and satisfying everyone’s needs.

Project Experience: Program Management


Owners risk capex projects hoping for confidence and certainty from their program managers. This provides them with opportunities to press for better schedules and optimized budgets from their General Contractors.

Arch provides Owners with that confidence and certainty.

Program Manager - Las Vegas Venue Construction

Program Management - Construction - arch engineersEntertainment Venue Construction Project – Las Vegas

Technical specialists currently provide a valuable role in QAQC and validation of materials and manpower, both on and off-site. This being a T&M Contract, the scope burden for Arch Engineers is the monitoring and inspection of almost every aspect of the project; from dealing with engineers and designers performing conflict and clash detection, to interfacing with general contractors and subcontractors resolving schedule and operational conflicts – all the while supporting the Owner by reviewing and validating pay-applications.

 Agility in operations and ability to scale up and down without interruption of quality service has positively impacted the schedule, cost-controls, and certainty for the Owner.

Construction Management - Pioneer Winter Road Construction

Pioneer Winter Road Construction - arch engineersConstruction Management Services – Northwest Territories

Technical specialist consultants are delivered to projects and project management teams around North America. This project required a Construction Manager with experience building a pioneer winter road to a very remote mining operation in the Northwest Territories.